Dear fellow student interested in our course of studies,

As you could learn from the introduction, from the curriculum and from the logical path the STERNEN UNIVERSITÄT is not a usual university limited to the first three of twenty-one possible states of consciousness, but a scientific institution for research (COGNITION), development (CREATIVITY) and education (HARMONY) focussing on the universal development of universal natural knowledge (COGNITION), universal natural creativity (CREATIVITY) and universal natural harmony (HARMONY) by applying the natural harmony laws of the microcosm of music, that is, the harmony laws of nature or of the Creator, in a scientific and artistic way.

That within the narrow bounds of the first three states of consciousness such a study always has to be considered as a secret science – this has become clear in the conversations summarized in the introduction.

However, by gaining the higher states of consciousness this impression disappears more and more and makes way for the authentic revelation of universal knowledge.

In order to secure the success of the learning process on a long term basis it needs some outer resources for support, as for instance the construction of a special concert hall and stage, the participation in international symposia, congresses and work shops in different parts and cultures of the world as well as permanently updating the total music material but also further research and education material.

Also using a multi-channel system in Dynamic Space Strereophony with a specially equipped computer, special software and special multi-channel headphones up to a special deckchair – the most individual multi-channel-concert-hall in the world – shall help the individual student securing his universal educational success.

In addition to this it is necessary to participate in scientific investigations for the objective verification of the current status quo of brain performance, so that in this way it is verified to what degree the true natural talent develops: for instance to what degree the perceptive faculty improves, and to what degree the performance improves in the fields of intelligence, of feeling and of intellectual differentiation and coordination – the improvement of consciousness, of creativity up to the improvement of the integration of consciousness and creativity.

The intellectual-emotional processes of development connected to these studies are embedded in the procedures verifying how much stress is reduced and for this verification the established research methods of objective scientific medicine are used – in this manner the status quo of health as well as the improvement of health is established as a task of the course of study.

This incorruptible objective proof of scientific medicine regarding the reduction of stress is the only scientific guarantor for the actual success of the course of studies.

Next to developing consciousness and to developing the inner-human performances connected to it, a scientific study at a future-orientated university must also make the student more healthy: according to objective scientific criteria – for a holistic improvement of health is just the natural expression of a universal performance improvement in the realm of the inner-human, cosmic cognitive and creative organs intellect, feeling and understanding as well as of the ability to think.

Of what use are studies at a university when after the studies one does not step into working life more healthy, or if one enters working life even as a sick person?

A sick person enjoys nothing – neither his course of studies nor a working life; apart form this he is strongly limited in his intellectual-emotional performance through the sickness – any only fairly reasonable person knows this by own experience.

All these scientific, artistic as well as medical researches and developments serve to secure and verify the objective success of this course of studies at the university – however, they boost the costs for the education. For all these reasons the study is expensive.

Persons who do not have a real interest in their intellectual-emotional development and in the personal freedom connected to it, who do not seriously aim to fathom the sense of their own life authentically and do not aim to realize this sense, if needs be, through a cosmic life according to the very own law of life – that is, persons who do not strive by very own initiative for authentic universal cognition, authentic universal creativity and authentic universal harmony, and this according to the objective standards of modern science: particularly of scientific medicine – such persons should avoid this cost- and work-intensive course of studies.

There are enough universities anyway which have tailored their goals and study courses for satisfying narrow intellectual-emotional needs, and which, in doing so, traditionally get by with the first three states of consciousness.

Those however, who are seriously interested in an intellectual-emotional development of eighteen further states of consciousness can fill in the following form and apply for a university place.

By virtue of their inborn, universal qualities and abilities it is their natural right to develop the higher states of consciousness.

After their application they will receive particulars how their study is structured in detail.



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